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July 14, 2022 2 min read

The Heavy Metal Off-Road Universal Overlanding Rack System

Best Overland Universal Mounting Rack For Trucks

Heavy Metal Off-Road has a brand new Universal mounting rack that is catching some big-time attention in the Overlanding community.  All of the mounting capabilities and it's fully adjustable to fit different trucks all while maintaining its strength. 


Our "ROCK-IT" Overlanding Rack System is the ultimate in modular design. HMOR leading the industry here, weighing in at 100 lbs, it boasts an industry-leading 1500 lbs static (non-moving), and 1500 lbs dynamic (moving) load capacity!  When most companies top out around 700 lbs, Heavy Metal Off-Road clearly takes the cake.

Whether you are camping, rock crawling, or on the way to your next destination, have peace of mind knowing you have the best. Seriously, it’s been tested to handle whatever you can throw at it. Take it out and wheel it. It’s the most solid rack you can put your hands on. Not just manufactured – it’s crafted.

Our Universal Overlanding Rack System fits your Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, or GMC Trucks

Best Overlanding Rack System for Truck Beds

Here are some of the main features of the new rack system:

*This is not a glorified bed bar set (Many other sets redesignate stamped bed bars as a “true” modular design)

* Reinforced, fully welded pillar design for unmatched strength (Most brands would rather not put in the effort to weld where it really counts and just use bolts)

* Greatest weight capacity of any rack, static and dynamic combined (Period)

* Twice the attachment points to the truck than most companies (12 as opposed to 6)

* Lots of integrated mounting features without the need of additional brackets (Bolt directly to the rack instead of buying unnecessary brackets)

* Unique chase holes for professional-looking wiring throughout the rack (Unique to HMOR – keep it clean and unseen)

* ​​industry-leading 1500 lbs static (non-moving), and 1500 lbs dynamic (moving) load capacity (most companies top out around 700 lbs, HMOR is the only one).

* Only weighs 100 lbs (lightweight and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio)

* Built-in Molle Panels (Full size and Mini Molle designs unique to HMOR)

* Adjustable width, matches cab angle (Can fit any other truck, yet never looks generic)

* Side panels are flush mount and add rigidity and strength (outside panel designs are just bed bars, not true modular racks)

* Overhead and inside accessory mounting ( 2x the surface area to mount gear)

* Directly mount a Roof Top Tent (no unsightly OEM hardware to deal with or look at)

* Comes powder-coated (2-stage durable coating process)

* Ton’s of new mounts for larger accessories coming soon (If you want to mount it, it will be possible)

* Free Shipping (AK and HI extra)

* Limited Lifetime Warranty (Most companies offer 1-2 years)

New Overlanding Rack Bar, Universal for Trucks

For More information check out the "ROCK-IT" Overlanding Rack System Here