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September 21, 2021 3 min read

With oversized tires comes more fun, but also the need for more clearance. Those tires will begin to rub and grind on the wheel well liners, and then your body and cab mount. These are the mounts located behind the front tires on both the driver and passenger side.

What are Body Mount Relocation kits?

The Toyota cab mount relocation completely replaces the stock frame mounted cab supporting bracket. The new bracket is placed further back on the frame and protrudes the mounting surface forward and higher than stock. This creates the maximum possible clearance, and makes the bumper and cab tub the next things in the way.

What is a Cab Mount Chop

Best, Cab Mount Chop, Body Mount Relocation kits

The cab mount chop (CMC) is a simple method to gain more tire clearance. Unlike the Cab Mount Relocation, the stock mount is modified by chopping the angled face of the mount off and welding in a cover plate at a flatter angle. Great for mild tire size increases.

What is best for your Toyota, Tundra, and Tacoma cab mount relocation?

Many factors come into play here. It depends on tire size, wheel offset, amount of body and suspension lift, amount of upwards wheel travel, turning radius, and style of driving. 

Generally speaking, the cab mountchopis good for tires sizes up to 33 inches, provided you have at least 2.5 inches of lift and stock wheel offset spacing. This should allow clearance for moderate off-roading.

The cab mountrelocation is best for 33 inch and larger tire sizes. You can get away with less lift here if you want to keep a lower center of gravity. This will make the cab tub in the wheel well the next obstacle in the way of rubbing, which will give you considerably more room than before. If you are not sure how far you will go with your build, choose this option first and don’t worry about paying twice for labor when you realize you need more clearance.

Expected Toyota Cab Mount Chop Relocation cost 

Each shop will charge its own hourly rate, so it depends on what services are around you. Most shops charge an average of $125/hr. The Cab Mount Chop is about a two hour install. The Body Mount Relocation can take about six to eight hours depending on how good the grinding job is. Considering the Body Mount Relocation is about $100 more in parts than the Cab Mount Chop, it’s up to the owner to determine what is worth it. 

Here is a List of our Body Mount Relocation and Cab Mount Chops 4Runner, Lexus GX body, and Toyota Tundra and Tacoma Trucks

Carried here at Heavy Metal Off Road (HMOR)

BMR: Body Mount Relocation, Toyota 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen:

Toyota Tacoma All Cab Body Mount Relocation Brackets Kit 2005-15

Toyota Tacoma All Cab Body Chop Mount Relocation Brackets Kit 2016-21 


Here is our Body Mount Relocation, BMR installationVideo.


CMC: Cab Mount Chop, Toyota 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen:

Toyota Tacoma Body Mount Chop Plates 2005-21  

Toyota 4Runner Body Mount Chop Plates 2003-21

Toyota Tundra Body Mount Chop Plates 2005-21

Lexus GX Body Mount Chop Plates 2003-21


Here is our Cab Mount Chop, CMC installationVideo.



The Cab Mount Chop takes about 2 hours to install. The Body Mount Relocation takes about 6 to 8 hours depending on how good the grinding job is. If you are a competent welder, and want to DIY, don’t hesitate to just go for the (BMR) Body Mount Relocation. Once, and it’s DONE.  Heavy Metal OffRoad wants you to drivecomfortably on rugged trails knowing you won’t have any rubbing issues.