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September 09, 2021 3 min read

Hands down, we know you’re looking for the right product when it comes to durability.  No matter where you go, whether Moab Jeep Safari, Rubicon, or Jeep Jamboree, anywhere you go off-roading, you need reliability and protection for your truck.


What’s the Real Purpose for Rock Sliders?

With rock sliders, you’ll be able to perform a variety of maneuvers: Grinding on top of large rocks and stumps, pivoting around obstacles while going around tight turns, slamming on top of boulders as you drop intentionally or unexpectedly, lifting your truck with a Hi-Lift brand jack during a recovery, pull your truck to the side out of a ditch with a recovery strap, roll back over onto all four wheels after a rollover, and so much more.

Should you go with bolt-on or weld-on Rock Sliders for your truck?

We have great rock sliders for Toyota - Tacoma, and are currently developing for other brands and models such as Tundra, Jeep Gladiator, Titan, and more.  HMOR’s Bolt-on sliders make installation much easier and can be as strong as weld-on. Our Bolt-on kits come with all necessary hardware for complete installation. Bolt-ons offer the ability to be powder coated, unlike weld-ons that need to be painted. Bolt-ons require no drilling and won't void your frame warranty.


Rock Sliders That Fit You and Your Truck’s Style

Square, Round Tube, and Other Options for Your New Rock Sliders

Round tube typically offers a more aesthetic look, square offers increased strength with the same wall thickness. At Heavy Metal Off-Road we offer a hybrid of square and round that offers the strength you need with the looks you want. Ourtop gap fill plates keep your step solid and true, while offering protection from debris kicking up into your body panels.Our kick-outs help push your truck away from obstacles as you grind past them, and offer a better step into the back of your pickup.  

It is important to check the degree or angle at which the rock slider sits. Flat is best for stepping onto. 20° is best to provide more clearance, and 10° is a perfect compromise between the two.


Aluminum Rock Sliders  VS. Steel Rock Sliders

Heavy Metal Off-Road Steel Rock Sliders offer the strength and durability most off-roaders are looking for. Steel offers material upgrades such as superior strength DOM for even more durability. Aluminum is costly and is easily dented and gouged, which is why HMOR manufactures top quality steel rock sliders.


Buying the Best Rock Sliders That Fit Your Truck, Universal

What makes Heavy Metal Offroad rock sliders superior?

Heavy Metal Off-Road (HMOR) offers years of experience and purposeful design that are engineered into our rock sliders. We have options to customize: Top gap fill plates with traction dimples, ladder bar style, choice of angle (flat, 10°, 20°). Our materials are strength tested using Computer Aided Design (CAD), as well as some of the most brutal conditions in real life. Not to mention that on any off road ride, they look incredible!

Our Conclusion

In order to protect your favorite ride, and keep it looking great anytime that you’re out off-roading and exploring, use our high grade steel rock sliders. If you’re looking for choosing the besthigh quality rock sliders for your truck, get in touch with us to see how we can help.