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December 07, 2021 5 min read

Roof Top Tent Security Mounts, The Best RTT Lock Clamp Brackets

When you are out camping in your vehicle, it is essential to secure the inside of your car and be able to lock it.

You also want to make sure that what you are securing doesn't get stolen or damaged during the night while you sleep.

In this article, we will go over Rooftop tent security and provide a list of tips and tricks on how to prevent your Rooftop tent from getting stolen or damaged.

Why Secure Your Rooftop Tent with Security Lock Mount?

Rooftop tents are pricy and valuable pieces of gear. So, just like you would with your car, you want to take measures to protect it from thieves and vandals.

But rooftop tents are also vulnerable to wind and weather damage. Securing your rooftop tent with locks will help keep it in place during bad weather and stop thieves from being able to steal it easily.

Another reason to consider securing your rooftop tent is that they can easily cut the RTT Stock Mount off with Bolt Cutters, and we can't have that!

How Do You Secure A Rooftop Tent From Theft? With RTT Security Mounts

There are several ways to secure your rooftop tent to your vehicle's rooftop. These options will all lock and place the mount in a fixed position (i.e., not able to be removed without the key).

They include:

1. Using Mount Brackets

The first way to secure your rooftop tent is to use Heavy Metal Off-Road’s roof-top tent mount brackets. These come in top quality, and are more suited for security than others.

You can bolt them onto your bed bars tight, and secure them with our Mount brackets

Some rooftop tents come with mount brackets that are already secured with locks. Others don't come with these better quality brackets like what we offer, so you have to be careful when choosing them because you don’t want someone to steal your roof top tent.

Another pretty standard method of securing your rooftop tent is to install our special Security Clamps that do not allow the mount to be easily removed.

These Roof Top Tent Security Clamps cannot be cut with bolt cutters and require tools.

2. Don't Leave Your Tent When Not in Use, or Buy Our Security Clamps

This is common knowledge, but the best way to secure your rooftop tent is not to leave it unattended.

It can be stolen or vandalized if left out alone for long periods, so don't leave your RTT when you are away from camp  or the parking lot for extended periods.

While none of these security measures are 100% foolproof, using a combination of them can help you rest assured that your rooftop tent is safe while you're away.

Just like with anything else in life, prevention is critical, and by being proactive, you can protect yourself and your rooftop tent investment.

The list above includes just a few options to help secure your RTT. We will look at our recommended method later on in the article.

Getting Insurance for your Roof Top Tent

I know you might wonder if you can insure your rooftop tent.

The answer is always not direct, but there are ways. You can't insure your RTT the same way you would an auto or home (for now), though; however, it's possible with a bit of research on how to go about doing so!

Your tent might fall under policies that cover your belongings, like home insurance.

Many companies do not cover items taken while in a vehicle or something mentioned explicitly in the policy as being excluded. So it's essential to read the fine print and be sure that your rooftop tent is covered.

Protecting Against Theft and Securing your Roof Top Tent with HMOR Security Lock Mounts

As mentioned above, we have recently come out with a product that is the first style of its kind.Heavy Metal Off-Road Security Mounts Clamps are specialized clamps that offer a low-profile design, and can be secured using special "locking nuts" that you can place on your rooftop tent railsto secure them from being stolen from your vehicle by criminals with bolt cutters, reciprocating saws, grinders, or other devices used for removing roof rack mounts.

These mounting brackets  work with most rooftop tent systems and are specially made to work on our Bed Bar Rack System, or any 1.75” diameter tube.

When using HMOR LocksHMORBC01, you must remember a few key things:

  1. The locks are not a guarantee against theft – they are just one layer of security to help deter thieves from taking your rooftop tent.
  2. It is still essential to use other security measures, such as a car alarm or security cameras.
  3. The mounting brackets are not for use for RTTs mounted on a flatbed or trailer – you will need to have the proper base bars in place with rooftop tent feet to use these mounting brackets.
  4. You can always buy additional HMOR mounting brackets or security locking hardware whenever you might need them.

For more information onHeavy Metal Off-Road Security Mounts Clamps, visit our website or contact us today.

When it comes to security, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. But by using a combination of the methods we have mentioned in this article, you can help deter thieves from taking your rooftop tent.

Roof Top Tent Security Lock Mounts Brackets Protection RTT

The above photo is the stock provided mounting strap that most RTT manufacturers will use to secure to the roof top tent / rack. It’s not shaped right and deforms as it is tightened.Not very secure...

Roof Top Tent Security Mount RTT Lock Theft Prevention

This photo above is the new HMOR RTT mounting bracket for use with the HMOR bed bar rack system. As you can see, this bracket is a very unique design. It is low-profile and tight fitting. Can be secured with standard hardware as shown, or can be secured with special security hardware (not shown). No bolt cutters are going to fit between the bracket and rail to cut the bolt. Neither will a sawzall blade. This is a clear advantage over other “security clamp” brands who leave the bolt exposed in one of these two mentioned ways. 

Another distinct advantage is these are made from 3/16” cold rolled steel. Cutting the bracket itself is going to be quite a labor intensive task. Other brands that use billet aluminum are using an inferior material as it is softer and more susceptible to a hand saw blade that can be used quietly. Aluminum also has a much weaker fatigue cycle than steel, and can fail over time through retightening and vibrations.


They will be offered in powder coated black. The security hardware is a small extra charge.


For more information onHeavy Metal Off-Road Security Mounts Clamps, visit our website or contact us today.