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January 15, 2022 4 min read

Truck Bed Bars | Accessories for Toyota Tundra | Best Aftermarket Parts


Toyota Tundra trucks offer a unique combination of practicality and off-road capability. You know your truck can take everything you throw at it, whether you're hauling a hefty load or going on a rock-climbing expedition.

The Toyota Tundra is suitable for various off-roading adventures, but with the correct Toyota Tundra Accessories, you can maximize its capabilities. Rock crawling is just the beginning of the thrills you can expect when properly outfitting your Tundra for unpaved terrain.

The Best Toyota Tundra Aftermarket Upgrades

The following are the best aftermarket Toyota Tundra accessories:

Toyota Tundra Covers and Softtopper

There exist several Toyota Tundra covers meant to conceal, hide and protect. These custom-cut covers of Toyota Tundra are modified to protect the load from rain, wind, dust, snow, and, most importantly, prying eyes. Custom-cover and Softtopper is one such cover, but you should consider a Bed Rack Bar system. 

Toyota Tundra Air Intake Systems

Why are you holding back your truck with stock parts? You wouldn't buy a race vehicle to go the speed limit, so why are you holding back your truck with standard features? This Tundra improvement is one of the most effective for bringing the engine's full capability to life. 

The unique air intakes pump a powerful burst of oxygen into your truck, resulting in massive horsepower and torque boosts.

Toyota Tundra Suspension Systems

Good shocks absorb the effect of covering uneven terrain. Check your steering sensitivity as well when installing a liftkit. After adding aftermarket equipment to your truck, installing Toyota Tundra steering stabilizers gives you the best off-roading control.

Toyota Tundra Grille Guards & Bull Bars

With the Toyota Tundra grille guard, you can protect your front end from anything the backcountry can throw at it while also giving your Toyota Tundra Truck a menacing aspect. Small rocks, brambles, wayward shopping carts, and even the car in front of you backing up at a stop signal are no match for this Tundra upgrade.

Toyota Tundra Body Mount Chop

This simple and popular modification was made to a Toyota Tundra to offer additional clearance to fit a larger tire without rubbing. A cab mount chop (abbreviated as BMC or CMC) is another name. Cutting and welding, as well as a cab mount chop plate, are required. 

Chop plates for the cab are available from several aftermarket Toyota specialty shops.

Other Useful Toyota Tundra and Accessories

Toyota Tundra Rooftop Tents and Bed Bars for RTT

There are a plethora of truck tents to choose from, and these on-the-go living quarters will ensure that you're always prepared for any adventure, at any time and in any location. These tents are attached to a rack on the roof of your truck and can be easily opened and closed.

Most RTTs are pretty comfortable, simple to put up, long-lasting, and weather-resistant. Because these tents can be set up fast, more time may be spent hiking, fishing, or participating in other activities.

Furthermore, having a roof-top tent built allows you to use your bed for storage rather than having to pack your belongings into your truck's cab. This ensures the safety of one's belongings. Because no one will be sleeping there, that cap can be filled to the brim.

Tundra Roof Racks and Bed Racks and Bars

Most Toyota Tundra roof racks come with specially molded pads and custom-fit clamps that are sturdy and durable and are built to meet your vehicle's door jamb curves. The design and weight of the Toyota Tundra will change depending on whatever version it belongs to.

The weight capacity of the racks varies depending on the number and configuration of crossbars utilized. With the possibilities available when employing these rack systems, proper consumer judgment and discretion based on need and budget are required.

The roof rack purchase includes noise-reducing edge trim.

Truck Bed Accessories Racks, and Skid Plates

Many of your vehicle's most expensive components are entirely exposed below, whether sliding over pebbles or hitting a surprisingly deep pothole, and underbody damage are costly.

Many Toyota Tundra owners have contemplated installing skid plates for daily driving, Overlanding, and off-roading. Skid plates provide the best protection against all on- and off-road risks.

Tundra Bumpers

Tundra front bumper upgrades are popular among Toyota Tundra owners who want to improve the look of their pickup trucks while also increasing their capability. These structures are also added to the front and back ends of a vehicle to absorb impact in a minor collision, ideally lowering repair costs.

Reasons Why Every Toyota Tundra Needs a Bed Bars

While roll bars were designed to give additional protection in a truck rollover, their use has grown in recent years. LED light bars and pods look fantastic when mounted on roll bars.

They can also shield your back glass from damage caused by bulky, moving cargo. Polished stainless steel and black powder-coated finishes are available.

To improve your truck's overall appearance. Of course, bed bars can dramatically transform the appearance of your truck. It gives a manly truck a more masculine appearance. This add-on will never let you down if you want to give your vehicle a rougher appearance. 

The bed bar can help a truck maintain its stability, especially when traveling at high speed on a bumpy route.

Other truck accessories such as lights and carriers can be accommodated with bed bars. If you don't have bed bars, you can only install a limited number of accessories; therefore, invest in a bed bar to take advantage of the many accessories available for trucks.

The majority of Toyota Tundra add-ons have the potential to boost the vehicle's value. The same can be said about bed bars. A sturdy bed bar will increase the value of a truck during a resale. As a result, any Toyota Tundra truck would be wise to invest in it.


Different generations of the Toyota Tundra models have other specifications. Therefore, it is paramount to check first with your dealership or aftermarket shop what Tundra accessories are compatible with your model. Fortunately, most Toyota Tundra aftermarket parts are widely available worldwide, thanks to its popularity and excellent reputation.

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