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April 05, 2022 3 min read

Toyota Tacoma Bars and Racks for Truck Beds

Bed Bars are used duringOverlanding, Off-Roading, Hunting, and Exploration.

You should always choose from they are known for top quality.  The Bed Bars come with a variety of weld-on attachments for mounting it to various surfaces, including the HMOR universal mounting plate tabs, which attach the HMOR mounting plate to accessories outside of the bed space such as shovels, axes, traction mats, and so on, Hi-Lift Jack mounts, and LED light mounts.

Tacoma Bed Bars and Racks for Roof Top Tents

Tacoma truck racks from Heavy Metal Off-Road are the perfect way to add more storage and functionality to your Tacoma. Whether you're looking for a basic Tacoma bed rack or a Tacoma bed cage with all the bells and whistles, we've got you covered. Our Tacoma truck racks come in a variety of styles and configurations to suit any need, and they're all built tough to handle whatever you throw at them.

If you're looking for a Tacoma bed bar system or rack that can do it all, look no further than the HMOR Tacoma Bed Bars. These Tacoma bed bars are built from heavy-duty steel tubing and powder coated for durability. It features an integrated light bar mount, so you can add lights for better visibility when off-roading. 


Toyota Tacoma Bed Racks offer the Best Variety of Truck Accessories

Toyota Tacoma bed racks also include a variety of attachment points for tying down gear, and it's compatible with most roof top tents.

No matter what your needs are, Heavy Metal Off-Road has the perfect Tacoma bed rack or Tacoma bed cage for you. Check out our selection today and find the perfect one for your Tacoma.

Let's say you're thinking about hunting, one of my clients called this morning and told me about his favorite pastime (more of a lifestyle) that he engages in with man's best friend - competition duck hunting and retrieval. He'll take the shot, and his trained dog will bring it back. Hundreds of hunters and retrievers attend these gatherings! It's easy for them to get tempted to run and have fun with so many dogs around.  But, these Tacoma Bed Bars and Racks, some customers have used to keep their retrievers safe while they were away from the truck.

Overlander and Off-Roader Tacoma's and Roof Top Tent Racks and Bars

If you're an overlander or off-roader, Tacoma Bed Bars and RoofTop Tent Racks are a must-have for your rig. You never know when you'll need to strap down extra gear, or even a spare tire. And, if you're looking to add a roof top tent to your Tacoma, you'll definitely need a way to mount it securely. Heavy Metal Off-Road has the best selection of Tacoma Bed Bars and Racks in the business.

No matter what your Tacoma needs are, Heavy Metal Off-Road has the perfect solution for you. Check out our selection of Tacoma Bed Bars.

Tacoma Bed Bars and Racks for Business Purposes & Contract Work

If you're a business owner who uses their Tacoma for work, or if you're a contractor who relies on their Tacoma to get the job done, Tacoma Bed Bars and Racks can help you out. They're great for carrying ladders, lumber, tools, and more. And, they're also perfect for securing your equipment when you're not using it for Off-Roading. Heavy Metal Off-Road has a great selection of Tacoma Bed Bars and Racks that are also perfect for business owners and contractors making their use multipurpose for our customer base.

Tacoma Bed Bars and Racks for the Ultimate Tacoma Setup. Check out our selection of Tacoma Bed Bars, If you want the ultimate Tacoma setup, you need Tacoma Bed Bars and Racks from Heavy Metal Off-Road.

Tacoma Bed Bars and Racks for carrying tools, ladders, lumber, and more.

Tacoma Bed Bars and Racks for securing your equipment when you're not using it. The best selection of Tacoma Bed Bars and Racks in the business is the HMOR Bed Bars, so when you’re not overlanding, you can choose to use them to haul other things, such as work and contract tools and equipment.

Conclusion for Off-Roading and Overlanding Toyota Tacoma Trucks

Consider what you want to accomplish in the short term and then consider what else you might do. Even if you believe you don't need it now, choose the appropriate options and features ahead of time because later down the road, you'll probably want them.

Installing a HMOR rack for Tacoma Bed Bars is a one-person operation, so you'll be up and running in no time.

Off-road truck builds are typically time-consuming and difficult, but Heavy Metal Off-Road has easy to install aftermarket truck accessories. Planning your offroading vehicle build with our products. Choose from if you want the best quality off-road vehicle.