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February 25, 2022 4 min read

Which Toyota Tacoma Rock Sliders Are Best To Prevent Damage?

Rock sliders are essential for protecting your Toyota Tacoma from damage during those rocky drives. These metal rails slide over rocks to protect the rocker panels from tear and wear. For maximum protection of your Tacoma, install them on the brunt of your truck so that you can go on those adventurous trips. Adding rock sliders is a great way to upgrade your truck if you choose the right ones.

How to Choose Rock Sliders for your Toyota Tacoma

You need to consider the following factors when picking rock sliders for your Tacoma.

Steel or Aluminum Rock Sliders?

Hands-down steel is the best material for rock sliders. It is a strong material for those rocky rides to withstand all the scratching and impact. Steel rock sliders are heavy, but they are still a popular truck choice. Steel is also easy to install, so you will not have any issues with the installation process. Aluminum is slowly getting into the market, but it is not common. This is because aluminum is challenging to attack the steel rock panels. During the rocky rides, aluminum will not withstand bumpy rides, and you will notice some dents after some time.

Bolt or weld on Rock Sliders for Toyota Tacoma

There is always the debate on whether to weld or bolt rock sliders. Bolting is the shortcut because the process is easy, and you can even do it yourself if you have some experience with trucks. When using bolts, you may drill some holes, which affect the frame's integrity. However, welding seems to be the solution if you are looking for a long-term solution. Welding will need more time, but you will get strong rock sliders.

Shape – square or round

The shape of your rock sliders matters a lot. Square ones are stronger than round ones, but many people assume round ones are thick because of the shape. Unfortunately, many people go for round ones because let's admit; they look good on the Toyota Tacoma. Round rock sliders look good, but square ones beat round ones in strength and durability. We now have 2020-2021 Tacoma Rock Sliders, a hybrid of square and round ones. Hybrid rock sliders meet the needs of aesthetics and functionality. Buying the hybrid version will be expensive, but it will help you serve your practicality and aesthetic needs.


What is the Functionality of Rock Sliders for Toyota Tacoma Trucks?

Buying rock sliders will protect your Toyota Tacoma from rocks. Protection is essential, but you need to think about the functionality of your truck. When installing the rock sliders, make sure that they are not interfering with other truck functions. For instance, some rock sliders might make it difficult to use your jack if you need to change your tire. If you are worried about the functionality of your truck, make sure that you consult an auto technician to guide you in the best way possible.

Think about maintenance

Installing rock sliders is not the end of your problems. You will still need to take care of them for durability. Whether you have aluminum or steel rock sliders, you need to maintain a maintenance schedule. You will need extra care for aluminum because it is prone to scratches and dents. However, aluminum is a good material because it does not rust. Steel is good and durable, but you need some rust protection. If you have steel rock sliders, make sure that you have a good coating to protect them from water damage leading to rust.

Should you install rock sliders on your Toyota Tacoma?

Aesthetics purposes

If you are an off-road enthusiast, you appreciate the looks of a truck. Having a truck that looks good is enough motivation for you to take that off-road trip. You will also love showing off your truck when it has fancy rock sliders. Installing rock sliders will take your Toyota Tacoma from basic to an adventure truck.

Protect your Toyota truck Undercarriage

The main role of rock sliders is protection. If you are always taking off-road trips, the bottom of your truck will get scratches and damage from the rocks. Installing steel rock sliders will serve as a shield, and your truck will be protected from damage. You will end up saving a lot of money that you could have spent on spares. More so, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are driving a powerful truck.

Good for climbing and getting out of the truck. It is easy to climb and get out of the truck with rock sliders. If you like taking trips with kids and your truck is high, you might notice that they experience problems climbing or getting out of the truck. The rock sliders will work as a ladder to make it easy, even for short people.

Increase your Tacoma value

Installing rock sliders might increase the value of your trucking. If you plan to sell your truck in the near future, you will get a good price from the buyer. Buyers prefer well-maintained vehicles. Installing rock sliders is a good sign that you are committed to taking care of your truck. You can negotiate for a higher price because you will factor in the cost of rock sliders.

FAQ about Rock Sliders

How much do rock sliders weigh?

The average weight of rock sliders is 75lbs each. That is a total of 150lbs on both sides. They are relatively heavy but at the same time essential for your truck. Adding an extra 150lbs to your Toyota Tacoma will not adversely affect the performance of your truck, so you should not worry about it.

Are Rock Sliders Worth it?

Installing rock sliders is always worth it. They offer protection to your truck, add to the good looks, and increase truck value. However, before installing rock sliders, make sure that you do enough research to help you make the right choice. It is an expensive affair, so you will need to have a good budget for the project.

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