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October 19, 2021 2 min read

Tundra Bed Bars and Aftermarket, Best Parts and Accessories


What do most of us want with an Aftermarket upgraded Toyota Tundra Truck? The right look, and the right tools of course...


Toyota Tundra Bed Bars - Powder Coated Black

When someone has upgraded their Toyota Tundra, it has the right look, and that look is loaded for off-roading and outlanding. Otherwise it's just another stock truck that goes unnoticed! A great start to just getting out there on the trails is a lightweight, Heavy Duty Bed rack. That will enable you to mount all of your camping, off-roading and overlanding gear in a convenient fashion, and it will look great too! You’re best option, look no further than Heavy Metal Off-Road’sToyota Tundra Truck Bed Bars.


Toyota Tundra Body Mount Chop Plate Kit

What truck doesn't look and perform better with bigger tires? For off-roading, it's a staple to upgrade with a tire size increase and more off-road friendly tread pattern. But sometimes you run into clearance issues. Abody mount chop mod is as much of a staple to your upgrade mod list as larger tires. Keep those new rubbers from rubbing and creating embarrassing sounds while hindering your performance.


Tundra Rock Sliders

Rock sliders are always a good idea. They protect your vehicle body from damage from rocks, trees, stumps and even shopping carts at the grocery store. Use them as recovery points by lifting and pulling, and step into your vehicle or access your bed space much easier. We are outfitting our new designs for these here at HMOR.


Toyota Tundra Truck Bed Stiffeners

The tailgate corners on both the Tacoma and Tundra suffer the same design flaws: thin sheet metal that isn't fully welded. When off-roading and adding loads to your bed sides such as bed Racks loaded with roof top tents and other essential, lateral and torsional forces will tear up the sheet metal causing the bedsides to split, misalignment in the tail lights, and other further-down-the-line disaster. Heavy metal off-road is currently designing a bed stiffener to prevent these issues on the tundra, just as we have successfully done for the Tacoma.

At HMOR this Tundra Bed Stiffener is in the works.



Bumpers and skid plates are also essential upgrades you should consider. Heavy metal off-road is working on expanding into armor such as this for a variety of vehicles.