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October 19, 2021 3 min read

Toyota Tacoma Aftermarket Accessories | HMOR’s Guide for Off-Road Upgrades

What gives your Toyota Tacoma the best aftermarket tough look with the best accessories?  That would be the off-road upgrades! We should discuss some of these because they don’t only make your truck look great, they also have great functionality and stability to make your Tacoma stronger and more reliable when overlanding.


Toyota Tacoma Bed Bars

Best Toyota Tacoma Bed Bars, Camping, Hunting, Overlanding, Off-Roading

Most of us have done tent camping on the ground before. It's not a bad experience and it gets you out of the house to enjoy nature. However, after years of sleeping on the ground, don't you think you deserve a better experience? A roof-top tent thrown on top of some Toyota Tacoma bed bars is an excellent upgrade to your camping and overlanding experience! With varying height bed bars to meet your needs, you can comfortably enjoy a restful night's sleep on top of your truck away from the rain and animals.


Keeping your accessories and gear out of the bed of your truck is also really nice. Have them stowed away on mounts on your bed bars designed specifically for that gear and keep things from bouncing around making noise and causing damage. With the HMOR universal Mount plate, you can mount all your small gear that you can imagine, easily accessible without having to reach into the bed of the truck.One of your best options, is Heavy Metal Off-Road’s Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed Bars Generation 2 and 3


Toyota Tacoma Body Mount Chop Plate Kit

It's always cool to have nice wheels and sick looking off-road tires. But it's not cool to hear grinding and rubbing noises when you're just trying to turn around the corner. Get yourToyota Tacoma Body Mount Chop Plates 2005-2021 installed right off the bat. The plates themselves and the labor are relatively inexpensive and will save you the hassle and embarrassment of the aforementioned. 

Toyota Tacoma Aftermarket Accessories, body mount chop plate kit


Toyota Tacoma Rock Sliders

The Best Rock Sliders for your, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan, Truck


You have a nice truck, and you really don't want a bunch of new dents or body damage all along the side of your ride. That's where Rock sliders come into play. You can prevent those rocks, trees, stumps and little kids with shopping carts from slamming into your doors. 

Rock sliders will really shine when put to hard use. With a good set of rock sliders, oh, you should be able to support the weight of the vehicle on them. Not just resting but also taking the full weight of the vehicle impact on top of a boulder. You should be able to pull the truck from the driver or passenger side sliders in any direction.


Even more convenient is having a set HMOR no mod, direct bolt on configuration rock sliders. Get a good look here at HMOR’sToyota Tacoma Bolt On Rock Sliders . Not having to weld is a big plus and you can install your sliders by yourself or with a buddy. (Just make sure you're the one holding the beer while telling THEM how to do it!) 

Toyota Tacoma Bed Stiffeners

We tell people all the time to look out for signs of the tailgate supporting frame damage. Off-roading and bedside loads with roof racks and roof top tents only exacerbate a Toyota design flaw. Prevent bed sides from splitting with a well-designed Toyota Tacoma specific bed stiffener. But why should they only do that? That's why ours has LED and antenna mounts on top, and an additional 12 mounting points to tie down your dirt bikes or other in bed cargo. Beware of designs that aren't fully boxed! They're not designed to handle torsional loads you will see being out in the real world off-roading. Ours is fully boxed and made with a quarter inch steel plate – the thickest in the industry! And they also are DECKED™ System compatible. See how HMOR does theToyota Tacoma Bed Stiffener Brackets 05-21 the right way!

 Best Truck Bed Stiffeners, Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, Gladiator

Tacoma Accessories - Black Powder Coated

Body Mount relocation means less lift and bigger tires, this means you need more than a body mount chop. This is your solution! The Heavy Metal Off-Road’s very ownToyota Tacoma Truck All Cab Body Mount Chop and all with the right look to it.



Universal mounting plates are so you can mount your rotopax and gear on these bare aluminum or powder coated plates designed with our bar system in mind. Choose from three different sizes based off of your bed bar rack configuration.CLICK HERE to see more, for our Truck Universal Mounting Plate