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October 08, 2021 3 min read

Using a Hi-Lift Jack for Off-Roading and Exploring 

Have you heard of Hi-Lift? Hi-Lift is an Indiana Company. It is a great jack for off-roading and 4-wheeling when you can easily find yourself in a bind.  Which is why you want to rely on the very best in high and heavy lifting jacks, the Hi-Lift Jack which works with all Heavy Metal Off-Road Bed Bar racks.  Some aftermarket jacks they have found have made these jacks even safer with wider bases.

Regular Jack vs. Hi-Lift Jack For Jeep Gladiator and Other Toyota Trucks

If you own a 4-wheel-drive vehicle and are ready to test it, you probably know that a hi lift jack is something you’ll need to have with you

The hi-lift jack can help you in a bind – it is important to know how to use this tool as it isn’t like any typical vehicle jack.

A Hi-lift jack can lift a total of ~45inches off the ground from any accessible exterior point, compared to a typical roller jack that’s used only on the frame or axle, lifting only ~20 inches. A Hi-lift jack also has many other uses.


How Does the Hi Lift Jack Work When I Will Need it?


  • A Lifting the vehicle frame or drivetrain off of a boulder or stump
  • B As a manual come-along type winch, used in conjunction with a tow strap or chain to pull you from a hangup or out of a mud pit or deep snow 
  • C Lifting the wheel with a special adapter to set on a jack stand to change a flat tire
  • D To spread apart damaged body components
  • E Clamp components together
  • F De-beading a tire


Knowing the Safest and Best Ways to use the Essential Hi Lift Jack

Keeping the jack as perpendicular to the forces of gravity and the load are very important. Make sure bolts are tight and chains, hooks, or strappings are secure.

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When Can a High Lift Be Dangerous to Use?


At all times! As with anything mechanical, this tool can be subject to sudden failure. Keep clear of all moving parts, wear gloves and safety glasses. Keep the unit clean and lubricated. 

Unexpected rapid movement of the handle while lowering loads can result in a chain reaction of handle movement and self load lowering. The handle has been known to strike the user if not handled with strength and care. 

If the load being lifted is not balanced or is on a slope, the weight and jack can shift resulting in a sudden drop of load and tool. 

Binding can occur if the load is not properly applied or due to lack of maintenance. Test the jack by operating it without a load first to ensure proper operation.


Which Jeep Gladiator & Truck Accessories Will Go Well With My New Hi Lift Jack?

Top Clamp Clevis

Bumper Lift

Lift Mate

Off-road Base

Recovery Strap

Conclusion on Hi Lift Jacks as a Truck Bed Bar Accessory

When you safely use your Hi-Lift and have it ready on your Tacoma, Jeep Gladiator or Frontier and other trucks, it will shock you how often this great tool can come in handy when you’re out trailblazing.  The snatch strap, and the winch may not after all be replaced by the Hi-Lift, and that is okay, but it is rather still an important part of safety equipment to get you out of a bind through a vast many different kinds of situations in the great outdoors. 

  • All HMOR bed bars and bed racks have Hi-Lift storage capability as an option